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With Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast having gone gold and appearing in stores in under two weeks: the entire Star Wars community is in a much-hyped and tense time of waiting. Everyone is counting the hours until they can load the game onto their computers. On March 29th, all of our questions will be answered. Inevitably, hundreds of clan and personal sites will open across the Internet. Editing projects will commence and countless multiplayer battles will begin. Jedi Knight II will be played, and played, and played.

After watching the last trailer, many of us were left stunned and drooling. (If we havenít already been doing so.) Wall walking, slow-mo, what appears to be a moving camera, Force Rage, the new lightsaber throw, and moving people with grip are just some of the new features that we are all waiting for. The new weapons are keeping us on our toes and ready to fire. The lightsaber especially has us wanting to ignite it and take a few swings. Lightsaber combat has evolved into what we have seen from the movies. The promise of 24 single player levels, 12 multiplayer, and bots have us wanting to tear open the box NOW! Then the promise of editing has made us even more excited. This may be the most exciting aspect of the game that keeps us playing.

Learning from past experience, we should try to keep our community unified. While editing Jedi Knight, the community was somewhat dispersed over the Internet. By staying unified for JKII, we will be able to work on mass editing MODS with huge results. Perhaps a master list of Jedi Knight II websites will help keep us united. A web ring would also help immensely. Letís not become scattered over the Internet. On the more positive note, letís look forward to all the MODS yet to come.

Watching Jedi Knight II evolve has given many gamers and sense of reassurance the LucasArts hasnít lost their magic. After the canceling of Obi-Wan, many people were disappointed. Working with an outside company also showed that LucasArts was willing to use a helping hand. In the developing of this game, there has been more company-community interaction. This was not really done before and is definitely a big plus. LucasArts hosted chats, released two trailers, developed an awesome site, and encouraged community interaction by posting in the forums. With many features on the site, such as the NRI reports, the Jedi Knotes, desktops, over 70 screenshots, and screensavers, the community saw unprecedented interaction. This has made watching Jedi Knight II come about much more appealing. So far, LucasArts and Raven have done everything correctly. The only question remaining is the game, and everyone is very hopeful about that. Nice job LucasArts!

Until March 29th, we will all remain waiting for lightsaber battles, new levels, and one awesome game.

-- Sith, 3/21/02
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