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Editing Weapons.DAT

This guide, is here to be used with or without WAR_DTemplar5's weapons.dat guide. Its a good guide but I thought a couple things could use a better explanation and there are a few more things to add in. My thanks go out to WAR_DTemplar5 for making the 1st guide, and to JK2.net for having all this cool stuff, and last but NEVER least, to Raven for making such an awesome game!

Open the assets0.pk3 file. you can use any ZIP program (WinZip, WinAce) once you do, you may/may not extract the weapons.dat file. Makes no difference.

Now you need to open the weapons.dat file in any text editor, I used notepad and chose the bowcaster for this example.


weapontype           WP_BOWCASTER
weaponclass           weapon_bowcaster
weaponmodel          models/weapons2/bowcaster/bowcaster.md3
weaponIcon            gfx/hud/w_icon_bowcaster
altchargesound        sound/weapons/bowcaster/altcharge.wav
ammotype              3
ammolowcount        15
energypershot         5
firetime                  750
range                    8192
altenergypershot     5
altfiretime              400
altrange                 8192
missileFuncName      bowcaster_func
altmissileFuncName   bowcaster_func
muzzleEffect           bowcaster/muzzle_flash
altmuzzleEffect       bowcaster/altmuzzle_flash
selectSound           sound/weapons/bowcaster/select.wav
chargesound          sound/weapons/bowcaster/altcharge.wav

More that aren't used on the bowcaster

Ok, so this isn't the neatest in the world, but you should seen it when it got pasted in.

Assets0.pk3, if extracted with the folder tree intact, will give a you paths to all the sounds, images, models, etc.  Any paths shown in this guide are paths set inside the pk3 file. So if it is extracted completely, you will see all the paths I'm talking about.


This one MUST go first in your weapon code. All this does is assign the type of weapon, but essentially its just the weapon name with "WP_" in front (ex: WP_BOWCASTER, WP_BRYAR_PISTOL)



Next up on the list is the class, which is the name again with "weapon_" in front (ex: weapon_bowcaster, weapon_bryar_pisol)



All this shows is where the model is located in pk3 file (ex: models/weapons2/bowcaster/bowcaster.md3)



This is where the icon used in-game on you HUD is specified (ex: gfx/hud/w_icon_bowcaster)



When your Alternate Fire charges (in the case of the bowcaster) this is where that sound goes (ex: sound/weapons/bowcaster/altcharge.wav)



This is the type of ammo you use
- 1 for no ammo (saber or stun baton)
- 2 for energy (stormy rifle)
- 3 for power cells (bowcaster)
- 4 for repeater and flectichte (particle ammo)
- 5 for rockets
- 6 for emplaced guns, AT-STs
- 7 for thermal dets
- 8 for trip mines
- 9 for det packs

**In the comments section of the weapons.dat, the ammo type examples are from Elite Force (or so it seems) so you can ignore that part of the comment



This is used when you want the "Low Ammo" warning to rear its ugly head. (ex: bowcaster is 15, so at 15 shots left the warning shows up)



This is the amount of ammo you will expend when firing. (ex: bryar pistol uses 1, disruptor uses 3)



This is the amount of time between firings. the fire time is in milliseconds (ex: 1000 = 1 second)



range is the range of the weapon.  All the weapons say range = 8192, and to my knowledge nobody has figured out what it exactly means. So don't change it.



Same as energypershot, but for alternate fire



Same as firetime, but for the alternate fire



same again



Missile fly function.  Just a function to tell it how to fly. (or so it seems)



ditto from above



Tells where the effect of the muzzle is located, like a muzzle flash (ex: bowcaster/muzzle_flash)



yup, you guessed it, same as above, jus add "alt"



Path to the sound it plays when the weapon is selected (ex: sound/weapons/bowcaster/select.wav)



same as altchargesound.....why they put one up front and one at the end who knows...



More are coming later.... within the next couple of days hopefully...

-- Gorc, 4/10/02
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