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Chapter Two

The wrench flew across the room and struck the bulkhead, then clattered to the deck plate. "That rotten no good, slimy, liar!" Jan was nearly screaming. "He said he would be back by now, we have a deadline to keep! If that ship takes off with out us, there is no way we can get out!" Kyle and Jan had used the freighter Zealot as a sensor shadow on the way in, and if they wanted to get out, they were gonna have to use it again. The droid-controlled freighter was scheduled to lift in 15 standard minutes, Kyle wasn't back, and Jan couldn't raise him by comlink. She was ready to scream when the line she had tapped into, from the outgoing freighter, said "Freighter Zealot beginning pre-lift sequence."

Meanwhile. . .

As Kyle ran around the corner out of breath, he thumbed the safety on, then off again. He yelled, "HEY! Your square in my sights, so stop, before I stop you." The man stopped dead in his tracks. Kyle was glad that this four-armed bandit wasn't as fast as he was ugly. Kyle pointed the BlasTec pistol at Red's head. "Drop them!" Kyle yelled. The man did, Red's own strange blaster clattered to the ground, but before the Bryar could, Kyle felt a tickling feeling as the hair stood up on the back of his neck. Kyle spun around, and saw a durasteel pipe headed for his head. Then, blackness…

The man aimed the pipe at the back of Kyle's skull, but Kyle spun too fast, as if he knew it was coming. The blow that was meant for the rear of Kyle's head struck him squarely in the forehead, dropping him like a rock. Red had already picked up both blasters when Kyle hit the ground, and by the time his partner had Kyle over one shoulder, Red had called the hovership down. The ship's repulsorlifts whined as it lowered to the ground. Red and his partner barreled into the car, and it took off with so much force dust and trash blew in all directions. The only thing left was Kyle's stolen BlasTec pistol, but that was soon picked up by a passer by…

Kyle blinked his eyes. Sight was blurry; did he get drunk again last night? Jan would kill him for missing the takeoff window. He didn't remember running into an old buddy, what happened after he found out the name of the system that the traitor lived on? What was the name of the system? Oh, right. Sepian, what kind of a name was that for a system, and where was it? Probably the outer rim somewhere, thought Kyle. Kyle began thinking out loud by now, "Oh crap!". His informant was a no good two-timing Bantha jockey. "Where am I anyway?" Kyle muttered to himself.

A voice seemed to rumble back from the walls, "My safe house. Don't worry, you are in no danger, I assure you". Kyle would have asked the man what the hell was going on if his head didn't feel like it crash-landed. Kyle put his hand to his head; there was a large lump protruding from his forehead. It was soft, and still bleeding from what he could tell. "Nasty" though Kyle. Then he realized why he couldn't see, blood had run down his head, into his eyes, and was beginning to crust over. He crawled to his knees, searching the walls for the 'freasher. On the third wall he finally found the small water basin, and hand dryer. When he felt no more blood on his face, he collapsed back to the floor, and fell into a deep sleep.

Kyle was awakened by a 'droid who brought him some food. Kyle rubbed his sore eyes, looked around, and was happy about the small victory, he could still see. But his wail of a headache was still in place. "What is this junk you call a meal?" Kyle demanded. "Let me out" he tried. The 'droid was silent as it plodded out of the room. "Stang!" Kyle cursed, then he thought, "Well I was worth a try". He ate his meal in silence, then began to doze again… He awoke the second time to no headache and a head without swelling. He looked up to see Red leaning against the doorjamb, smiling at him.

"Hello friend" Red said. It was almost if Kyle could feel Red taunting him with that statement.

"Friend my left boot!" replied Kyle. "What kind of a friend whacks me with a pipe?" Kyle demanded. "If you wanna make more friends, maybe you should try a little bar, and some sabacc to go with it. Don't conk them over the head, and expect them to play nice with you…"

"Look Kyle…" began Red.

"Hey." Kyle interrupted, "I never even told who I am, how is it you know my name, you even called me by it when we met?"

"I can explain it all," assured Red, "but first you need to get off planet. You can trust me, we are on the same side, our 'droid did fix you up". Red hands Kyle a data card and says, "Meet me at these coordinates in one standard week."

Kyle scanned the coordinates, zero-zero-three, by zero-two-four, by zero-one-nine. He did a double take when he noticed the triple zeros. "Hey, what it this?" he demanded of Red. "This is in the core worlds, do you think I'm nuts? The Imperial patrols are triple of what they are here, there is no way I'm gonna meet you there…"

"Look, here's you Bryar," Red gives Kyle's blaster back to him, the power cell drained of course, this guy didn't take any chances, "…hope you didn't mind, it was the only way to get you to follow". Red continued, "But you have to meet me here if you wanna find that Imperial, so get back to Jan and get moving, there is another 'droid ship leaving in two hours… and you need to be behind it!"

"How do you know all this?" asked Kyle.

"Well, let's just say, I have a certain place in my heart for the Rebellion. Now go, before things are too late…" Red said this as he pushed a small button on the wall, and the wall opened, Kyle saw he wasn't in a building, this was a large enclosed speeder. And Kyle had been pushed out, right where his ship was hidden. 'What all did this Red know about Kyle?' 'What was his background?' 'How was he tied in with the Rebellion?' 'How was Jan going to go about killing him?' these questions were flying through Kyle's head as he stumbled into the bay and up to the Crow…

-- Check out Chapter Three!
By: Bill Conn




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