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Sweet Featured Screen:
A not-too-happy Twi'lek Jedi - Submitted by: LeXX

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Go to JediKnight.Net!
JK2 Master Server Changes
LucasFiles hosts Exclusive JA video! Interviews two Mod authors
Jedi Academy Gone Gold!
NRG Releases New Teaser/Trailer!
New Screenshot

Raven .Plans: 

  newsitem.gifGo to JediKnight.Net! posted by Kurgan on 08/26/03
While this site will remain up for the time being, this is a reminder to visit JediKnight.Net for all the latest up-to-date files, links, news, and info on the entire Jedi Knight series (Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Outcast, and Jedi Academy).

Please bookmark and enjoy!

Thanks to all our readers for their support over the years and all our staff for their hard work in maintaining this site and for making the re-launch of possible!

Note: Don't expect to see any news updates here anymore, as is the main news source for the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series

newsitem.gifJK2 Master Server Changes posted by Kurgan on 08/16/03
In his .plan update yesterday, James Monroe of Raven Software had this to say:

We are in the process of switching DNS entries for the JK2 Master Server. You may experience a Disruption for a few days until the DNS changes propagate.

We have already issued the request for the DNS change. The master server at raven will still be running as will the new one at our co-lo. As the DNS propegates some people will be talking to one master server and some to the other. This means that you may not be seeing the whole list of servers for a bit while they propegate to the new DNS. However, you should still be able to connect to any of the servers on your favorites list.

DNS usually takes 24-48 hours to propegate but can take up to a week sometimes for some providers. We ask for everyones patience during this move.

There are a few more details in his .plan update, so be sure to read if you host a server or are having difficulty finding games.

newsitem.gifLucasFiles hosts Exclusive JA video! posted by Kurgan on 08/16/03
As you've probably heard by now from JediKnight.Net a never-before seen Jedi Academy video has finally been released!

A snippet:

This video was shot at the LucasArts E3 booth in May 2003. LucasArts Producer Brett Tosti shows some Rancor fighting action and talks about some game details. Requires Quicktime.

The .mov file is 22.27 mb zipped and is about one and a half minutes long (*may contain spoilers*). Very cool, guys!

Special thanks to Swoosh and ZeroXcape for shooting the video, as well as the other LFN staffers who attended E3 and helped make this possible (and to Raven/LA for being kind enough to let us)!

Visit for download links and info, then be sure to discuss it on our forums.

PS: Yes, Brett, we do have some more questions, but those will be answered in about 32 days! =) Interviews two Mod authors posted by Kurgan on 08/15/03
Kengo sends word that:

We have new interviews up at with Mercenary, author of the upcoming Dash Rendar: Resurgance, including two exclusive screenshots, and Jake "Clu" Keating, author of the amazing Colosseum 1.0.

Some snippets:

Kengo: Resurgence features some really realistic outdoor areas,
which are notoriously tricky to create. Why did you have such an
unusually large proportion of the map set outdoors?

Mercenary: The first map outdoor area is pretty big. I wanted to
make the player go through a little trek on foot (not without action)
to get to the main area. It was definitely inspired by the gall spaceport level of SOE.
"Kengo: Can you first tell us
anything about the new SP levels you are thinking of creating for version 2.0?

Clu: It's so hard to predict how much time I will have to spend
on them, but ideally they will expand a level or two before Gluteus finds himself in the basement prison, and maybe an extension of the existing level that elaborates on his escape from the arena. The earlier levels will focus on his occupation as a thief, and they will rob and plagiarize extensively from the "Thief" games. Just kidding. But I would like to have more of a stealth feel with a bit more exploration. Roman sewers, the Forum, bath houses and just the merchant-filled streets of Rome are all possible settings. I'm also really looking forward to authoring it for Jedi Academy. The combat system seems so much more flexible and advanced, and there may be the possibility for integration of vehicles and various beasts. Lions! Tigers! GRRRRRRRR!!!....ahem...excuse me.

Fun stuff, well worth reading. In addition they have other interviews with other JK2 mod authors and some screenshots.

Visit the site here.

Thanks to Kengo for the news.

newsitem.gifJedi Academy Gone Gold! posted by Kurgan on 08/13/03
That's right, and I almost missed it too... LucasArts has announced that the next game in the Jedi Knight series, Jedi Academy has Gone Gold and will be arriving in stores Sept. 17th!

Read all about it here.

Thanks to our forum goons for pointing this out. =)

newsitem.gifAnnouncing posted by ChrisC3po on 08/10/03
Six years ago first launched to cover the sequel to Star Wars: Dark Forces. Since then the same team that brought you has been covering the LucasArts gaming scene as LFNetwork. is part of LFNetwork.

And now with the announcement of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy LFNetwork is proud to unveil the new will now be the home for all of LFNetwork’s Jedi Knight coverage. will be the one stop source for information, news, and strategy for Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, Jedi Knight II, and of course Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

What does this mean for Nothing much right now, the only major difference will be a slow end of news on will be the primary source for news for the Jedi Knight series. We will not be taking the site down, there is just too much content on the site.

Keep an eye on for new files and content in the coming weeks. We hope you guys enjoy the new site.

newsitem.gifNRG Releases New Teaser/Trailer! posted by The Truthful Liar on 08/09/03
That's right everyone, the editing team NRG has finished their first promo video for the upcomming NRG FFA Map Pack scheduled to be released on the 20th of September. Since plans have been changed and extra time given to NRG's staff members, the map pack will be for Jedi Academy and not Jedi Outcast as originally anticipated.

I suggest to check it out, you can download the trailer here @ 12.04 MB.

newsitem.gifNew Screenshot posted by GonkH8er on 08/09/03
LucasArts has updated their Jedi Academy page and graced us with a screenshot (Yes, 1!). It's not a big update, but hey, its a cool screenshot... Click the thumbnail for the larger pic. Check out the rest of the screenshots on the Jedi Academy page while you're at it, incase you missed the last few updates.

newsitem.gifScott interviewed by Jedi Academy on JA posted by Kurgan on 08/05/03
Thanks to some forum readers, I came across this interview (actually an old one that was just posted after some delays) with LA PR on Jedi Academy.

It has a few interesting bits about Jedi Academy that may interest our readers, such as the fact that the dual and double bladed lightsabers in JA each have their own special stance (whereas the single saber has the three familiar stances).

Read the full article here

newsitem.gifLA: New JA Screenshots posted by Kurgan on 07/31/03
A quick update before I head out for a short vacation:

LucasArts has posted some new Jedi Academy screenshots on their page, showing off some of the new saber combat, force powers, and the return of some familiar enemies (along with some new ones).


Visit the Jedi Academy Official Site

newsitem.gifGamespot posted by Kurgan on 07/28/03
I don't know how this slipped by me, but I saw it linked off of (the german site with the videos), so here it is!

They have added a few tidbits on Jedi Academy and their impressions. Here's a bit:

One mission was especially stunning, as we found ourselves on a moving transport ship and had to jump and slice our way past a number of guards while the ship traveled at harrowing speeds. The visual effects associated with this created an incredible sense of speed and truly gave us pause as we sized up our ability to jump around on this speeding vessel.
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is currently scheduled for a mid-September release on the PC and a November release on the Xbox.

Read the full article here.

Thanks to (and for Reprehence for posting it on the forums) for the news!

newsitem.gifGummelt gives "thumbs up" to Colosseum mod posted by Kurgan on 07/27/03
I noticed this mod the other day on, and downloaded it (but I admit I haven't played it yet). It's huge, but Mike Gummelt, of Raven, had this to say about it:


I am thoroughly impressed! The mod shows not only an impressive
understanding of multiple and diverse systems in the game (the UI,
the sabers, scripting, in-game cinematics, pre-rendered cinematics,
music, mapping, modelling, texturing, effects, sounds, etc., etc.)
but also a real "director's eye" for creating a compelling story
within the context of exciting and fun gameplay... not to mention
presenting the entire package in a slick, professional style!
And I love the educational aspect of it, too!

If you have JK2, I highly recommend downloading this mod and checking
it out.

The (rather large) single player mod is called "Colosseum" and features a Roman style gladiator pit complete with period costumes and weapons, and is a total conversion of sorts.

read his .plan file here with details on where to download it!

newsitem.gifNew Jedi Academy Videos posted by Kurgan on 07/27/03
There have been three "new" videos of the upcoming Jedi Academy posted on a german gaming site. This is the same site that posted the first known (and unofficial) JA video on the 'net.

There is also a screenshot pack. Be advised that the server is apparently busy and you may not be able to download anything for awhile. Be patient, hopefully mirrors will appear eventually.

View the page here

Thanks to JEDI OUTCAST and other forum members for the news!

Thanks also to from which these mirrors come.

newsitem.gifJedi Academy Release Date CONFIRMED! posted by The Truthful Liar on 07/25/03
Thanks to BoL_Stryke from our forums for bringing my attention to this.

"We have received confirmation from LucasArts that the release date for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (or JK3) is September 16th, 2003.

Also, LucasArts has said that the box cover shown here is very close to the final design of the actual cover art (though not exact).

A good number of questions have been answered on the jk2files site found here.

Here's a snippet:

1. Will JK2 models, maps and hilts be available for use in JA?

"We were going to release a converter to convert JK2 models to JA format, but one of our programmers (Gil Gribb) decided to just make it so that Jedi Academy could load JK2 models, recognize they're from JK2 and automagically(tm) convert them to JA-usable models. So all downloadable player models from JK2 should work in JA!

Sabers should work too, plus modders will find they have much more control over adding lightsabers (using a new external data file for lightsabers - using the extention .sab, not unlike our .npc files for NPCs last game) and easier to add them to the game (it will find the .sab and automagically(tm) make them available in the menus).

JK2 maps should also load okay in JA.

Sounds very simple to me, click the link for more info! If you want to discuss this post in the forums click here.

newsitem.gifCool Mods For JKII Project posted by obi-wan13 on 07/25/03
Due to some Misunderstanding, Marker0077 has left the Dueler Mod Team.
Marker0077 is now starting the Cool Mods for JK2 project. If you have played Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, you may have heard of the Cool Mods for MoHAA project ( We are hoping to have the Cool Mods for JK2 web site up & running either tomorrow or the next day ( & we are planning to have the actual mod release available sometime next week.
This project will feature-

Hilts Packs:
The best hilts for JK2. These have gone through Cool Mods standards, meaning sword hilts blades do not exceed the actual blade length, all blades are in the exact same position, etc.
The hilts that do not pass standards such as the Binford Chainsaw hilt & the Schwartz hilt, go in the Non-Standard Hilts pack. Explanations of why each hilt does not pass standards is given in the credits section of the Cool Mods manual.
A promotional screenshot for the Cool Mods hilts can be viewed here(283kb)

Skins Pack A:
Over 200 skins in 1 pack. These not only have more sounds, more skins, full bot support, & tons & tons of fixes, but it also takes up 2/3s less disk space as well!
A promotional screenshot for Cool Mods: Skins Pack A can be viewed here(428kb)
A promotional screenshot for Cool Mods: Alternate Red Dash can be viewed here (133kb)

No zip files here people. If you already have a hilt or skin that is included in any of these packs, the installer shall prompt you to move them to a sub-folder in your "base" folder so there are no duplicate models or skins. -Thanks to Marker0077 for the submission

newsitem.gifPenny Arcade Mod posted by Eets on 07/15/03
A buddy of mine showed me a link to a great mod thats in the works for Jedi Knight II. It's based on the popular online comic series Penny Arcade

Check it out here.

newsitem.gifLA Jedi Academy Official Site Update posted by Kurgan on 07/13/03
As per their weekend habit, the Official LucasArts Jedi Academy page has been updated, with new screenshots, concept art, and model shots.

While most of the shots are already known to most of us thanks to the excellent press kit (see previous news entries), there are a few that appear to be new.

Luke looks like he's gotten a makeover, but Kyle is still sporting his "Bantha Herder" look. ; )

Check it out at the usual place.

newsitem.gifOutcast Strategy is back! posted by Kurgan on 07/10/03
Despite server troubles, our beloved hosted MP strategy page is finally back up and running.

The video files (and perhaps a few misc files) are missing, but the rest were restored from a recent backup. So hopefully the rest of the stuff should be restored from the repaired server eventually.

Be sure to visit the site at the usual place!

Thanks to ChrisC3PO for his help getting the page back.

newsitem.gifJedi Academy Press Kit posted by Andy867 on 07/09/03
Kenn Hoekstra generously donated the Jedi Academy Press Kit, and says to allow whoever downloads it to use it as they may.
From Kenn:
It contains screenshots, model renders, a desktop wallpaper, a fact sheet, the official press release, logos, links and other press info about Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Official Jedi Academy Press Kit (2.26Mb) (Fixed URL, no longer contains bogus URL link.)

Enjoy and thanks Kenn and everyone at Raven Software.

newsitem.gifMore JA Screens posted by Andy867 on 07/09/03
DJ Sith of the Jedi Academy sends word of their recent taste of new screenshots.
Some include some views of custom saber hilts, a female zabrak (maybe Darth Maul's granddaughter??), and even oen of Good Ole' Kyle Katarn, the founder of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series.
You can check up on all the pics here





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