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Welcome to JediKnightII.net's strategy section for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Here are some intial places to find information on how to become a better Jedi.

Outcast Strategy
- Our hosted site Outcast Strategy contains basic combat strategies, tips on items & powerups and the use of the use of all weapons including the lightsaber and the Force. In short, your source for everything related to Multiplayer! You can even submit your own strategies for others to view.

Strategy Center @ LucasForums.com
- Here you can ask questions and receive answers a few moments later from others on the forums. You can also browse previously asked questions to see if someone has already gotten stuck where you are. [ Strategy Center ]

ChangKhan Mini Strategy Guides - Michael Gummelt, the lead gameplay programmer of Jedi Knight II, has written several mini-strategy guides in the Strategy Center. Note that all of these contain spoilers! Here are direct links to the following:

#1 Galak Fyyar
#2 The Red Room on Artus Mine
#3 First Level Colored Combination Console
#4 The Doomgiver Code
#5 Artus - Why Jan Won't Land - AT-ST Problem
#6 The Area After Refridgeration Room on Kejim
#7 Yavin Swamp Crashed Pod

Jedi Outcast Walkthrough / FAQ (Spoilers!) - Version 1.5 - A complete walkthrough by Matthew Rorie, this guide can help you solve any puzzle in the game.

Xezol Screen shot walk-through (Spoilers!) - If you would like a visual walk-through of JKII, try this guide.

Jedi-Outcast.com FAQ (Spoilers!) - Jedi-Outcast.com has written up an impressive FAQ that contains many individual solutions. This FAQ is great for getting what you need quickly.

Extras - If you haven't already, drop by the following sections to learn more about the game:

- Lightsabers
- Weapons
- Force Powers
- Characters
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