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Acrobatic Guide

In a Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, acrobatics are used for surprise, speed, and of course; style. A quick roll can evade that sabre and a wallrun might just get you away from that dark rage-user quick enough. Acrobatics should never be underestimated. Some of these stunts consume force power but none of them require it. If you don't have it but if you have force power, you lose some of it when stunting. You need force jump level 2 to do all the stunts.

Stunts are mainly used for evasion and surprise. In any fight, a stunt may be your way to victory. These stunts are available:

How: Crouch + direction key (Third person only)
+ Pros: Evasion and speed bursts.
- Cons: Little or no defense if hit. Short static after roll.
* Special Info: You can roll over narrow gaps such as the pit in duel_pit if you start the roll at the right distance. Excellent for evading everything.

How: Back+jump (Third person only)
+ Pros: Good for surprise attacks, can lead the enemy into traps. Nice opening move.
- Cons: Poor defense.
* Special Info: Some nice attack possibilities while inside the backflip

How: Run up close to a wall and jump towards it.
+ Pros: Cool. A quick flip may evade/surprise.
- Cons: None.
* Special Info: Both front and side flips are possible.

How: Run up close to a player and jump towards him.
+ Pros: Cool. Does 20 damage which bypasses shields. Knocks backwards, can knock opponent down.
- Cons: Risky.
* Special Info: Both front and side kicks are possible.

A front kick.

How: Run alongside wall, strafe into it and hit jump. (Third Person only)
+ Pros: As cool as can be. Possibility to reach otherwise hard to reach places quickly.
- Cons: No defense from side or back.
* Special Info: You can flip off the wall at any time by hitting jump. How much a wall leans greatly effects wallrun. Compare duel_pit with duel_jedi and you´ll see what I mean. You can wallrun any wall, even round pillars for a short while.

Challenge: Think you master wallrun? Well, try to get up here by wallrunning.

All jumps fly you the same distance regardless if you aim them forward, back, left or right. Beside the normal jumps (run in a direction, hold down jump key) these jumps are possible:

How: Jump forward while holding a strafe key down and keep on jumping while holding that key down. Speed gains successively.
+ Pros: Quick movement
- Cons: Looks like a rabid monkey. Can be considered cheat.
* Special Info: Its just the good ol´ strafe jump.

"Special jumps"
How: Release the movement key just before you jump.
+ Pros: Looks cool. Good for certain areas.
- Cons: Can be a bit tricky to do.
* Special Info: Same lenght as normal jumps. With this jump you can jump between the flag and a hallway in ctf_bespin and back again much easier than before (Strafe special jump to get to the hallway (Hard)).

Thats the spot on ctf_bespin, doing a right "special jump"

How: Jump straight up or forward while in a specific spot. See Special Info.
+ Pros: Tremendous speed bonus. Excellent for surprise.
- Cons: Only works in certain spots.
* Special Info: Load up duel_pit. Stand underneath one of the highest ramps. Look up. See that small ramp? Walk close to the wall and stand straight underneath that ramp. jump. This works in similar spots on other maps.

Catapult ramp.

Bounce Jumps
How: Jump forward onto or from angled areas then continue jumping.
+ Pros: Nice speed.
- Cons: Only works in certain spots.
* Special Info: Try it out on the banks surround the masassi temple. Jump from the side ledge onto the bank and then into the temple. Together with strafe jump this goes incredibly fast. For more info on how and when to use the acrobatics in a fight, check out the sabre combat guide.

-- 7-7ighlander (Sevendashseven), 4/17/02
Special thanks to larusso for helping out with the pictures.

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