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Multiplayer Saber Fighting

This is the first post about anything tactical about saber fighting with multi-player. I've played non-stop saber fights since I got it few days ago, but I still feel very newbie (like most people) , so feel free to comment if u think I just wrote something very dumb.
Ok, here goes; just a few saber tips/hints:

[1] On strong saber style u can start up a swing, and then move in any direction. That's one of those unique aspects of strong saber style. Let me explain this a bit: In JK2 u can do all sorts of different saber slashes. "Strafe right + fire1" gives you a different saber slash than "strafe left + fire1".

Now in 2 saber styles, Medium and Fast= where u go is what kind of saber slash u get. Example: when u fire1 while moving backwards and strafing right, u get the saber slash that matches "fire1 + back + strafe right". You can't do that same slash while moving to any other direction.

This is a bit different in Strong Saber style. In Strong saber style you can start a swing, and during that swing you can move anywhere u want. Example: you quickly push "fire1 + strafe left". Now while your player is preparing for the slash and is actually swinging that slash, you can move freely to ANY direction u want. (Towards the person you want to hit for example!!). See, you're not forced to move strafe left, even though you are performing the strafe left saberslash.

[2] Ever noticed that in Strong saberstyle, any saberswing that involves a strafing right movement, gives a bigger swing then a saberswing that involves a strafing left-movement?
"fire1 + strafe right + any other directional move"= BIG slow slash.
"fire1 + strafe left + any other directional move"=smaller faster slash.

Use this knowledge while fighting, cuz with those bigger "fire1 + strafe right" saberslashes u can cover a bigger area and damage more people, but you're also more vulnerable for counterattacks because the swing takes more time.

[3] I don't exactly know how the damage system works, but I've figured out this much:

When the enemy starts up and is at the normal 100 health and 20 shields: One Strong saberstyle big slash brings the enemy back to 0 shields and about 25-30 health. You can then finish it by using Medium Saberstyle or even Fast Saberstyle.

When the enemy has no shields left and is at 100 health: One Strong saberstyle "big forward"-slash is enough to kill him/her.

Remember: only 2 good hits is all u need for a kill (if ur opponent doesn't get bacta or uses some light-force-power).

[4] It's all about predicting, especially when u have some distance between u and ur opponent. Use the big Strong saberslashes to slash at the area where u think ur opponent's going to run to. If you do this correctly, your opponent will most likely run into your swing. It's all about observing, thinking, etc lol. Know what ur opponent will do next and u'll win.

[5] Time your swings. Don't just slash around like mad and run towards your opponent! Remember that the opponent can't swing or defend himself for a brief moment after a Strong Saberstyle Slash. Wait for that brief moment to engage and hit him.

-- Zodiac, 3/29/02

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